About Us | Kindred Caramels

We are Kindred Caramels (formerly Kindred Cooks), a woman-owned business established in 2014 by Jeri Vasquez.

Using a recipe that was handed down, we handmade amazingly soft, melt-in-your-mouth, caramels. We specialize in classic and unique caramels and enjoy inventing new flavors that delight your taste buds.  

We've taken the best family soft caramel recipe we know and produced a delicious treat that we sell at farmers' markets and select local businesses. We also provide our bites of yumminess to corporations looking to reward employees or keep them awake during never-ending meetings. Our caramels are handmade and gourmet, made fresh from the best ingredients.

As we grow, our vision is to produce and distribute dangerously delicious fare from other moms hoping to let the world in on their best family recipes. As they say, it takes a village, and that is what we are hoping to support with our endeavor. 

Our caramels are truly the best caramels you've ever tasted!

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